Dania Gutiérrez, PhD

Associate Professor and Academic Secretary of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), Monterrey's Unit.
Lead Researcher of the Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory.

Dania and her group work in the area of statistical signal processing for biomedical applications, such as

  • Statistical signal modeling and estimation in electroencephalographic (EEG) and magnetoencephalographic (MEG) arrays for brain source activity localization
  • Estimation of the electric conductivity of the brain cortex, skull, and scalp
  • Statistical signal processing with application to brain-computer interfaces
  • Analysis and modeling of fatigue during exercice through measurents of the electric activity of the brain, heart, respiration, and muscle activity
  • Analysis of microfractures in human bone graft as an indication of viability
  • Quantification of the process of learning a new ability through EEG with applications in neurocognition and neurofeedback
  • Biostatistics

  • Dr. Dania Gutiérrez at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineerining, and Medicine, Washington, DC, USA (2018).

  • Members of the laboratory of biomedical signal processing (2017).

  • Measuring the brain activity during an experiment for brain-computer interfaces.

  • Multimodal signal acquisition during a cycling exercice.

  • Realistic head and brain model to be used in the solution of the forward problem in magnetoencephalography.

  • Analysing brain activity with Brainstorm.

  • Simulating brain activity as current dipoles in a realistic model of the brain.

  • Studies of human-machine interaction with the NAO robot.

  • Analysis of metabolic energy during exercise.

  • Dr. Hari Eswaran (UAMS) visiting our lab (June 2016).

  • Dr. Aleksandar Dogandzic (ISU) visiting our lab (August 2016).


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